Day: November 8, 2020

The High-Lo System

One of the most profitable and perhaps easiest ways to count cards is to use Hi-Lo strategy. The malaysia top online casino system is basically an ongoing counting technique where each card is assigned a specific value. The system is used to distinguish when the ratio of high and low cards in the blackjack decks is unbalanced.

High quality cards like tens and aces not only increase the chance of blackjacks being dealt, but also hands that add up to 20. A deck that contains the majority of the high quality cards is a very profitable situation for the player as it increases the chance of the dealer going broke. In other situations where the majority of the remaining cards in the deck are low value cards, all cards 2-6, the dealer has a significant advantage over the player. The fact that the dealer has to resort to hard hands (12-16) reduces the chances of the dealer going broke if another card is drawn in a situation where many low-valued cards remain in the deck.

The True Count

A second factor to consider when trying to balance the blackjack deck is the number of cards remaining in the deck. As we mentioned earlier, the closer you get to the bottom of the deck, the more accurate your count will be. By dividing your running count by the approximate number of decks remaining, you get a more correct count – or the “true count”.

Converting your running count to a real count makes your count much more accurate. Well, this can be a little tricky, but if you practice using multiple decks you will soon be able to visually assess how many decks are left in the shoe. Let’s say your running number is +4 and you estimate the remaining decks in the shoe to be 2, then your true number should be +4 / 2 = + 2.

If your count is still showing a positive result after implementing the real counting system into your running count, there is a good chance you can make a good profit by increasing your bet size. The true count number is a more accurate indicator of how cheap / unfavorable the deck really is.

More Complex Card Counting Systems

As long as there have been card counters, there have always been people trying to improve and refine various card counting techniques. However, we have learned from experience that the simpler your system, the easier it is to practice. Even if you think you have mastered a complex and very accurate counting system completely, it will not bring you any more money in the long run. The drawbacks of more complex systems like secondary counting and multi-tier systems are that trying to keep track of a lot more information will affect your ability to play fast and count accurately. You will make more money playing a simple count faster than a more complex one slowly. The less effort you put into counting, the more you can spend.

Counting Down Or Wonging

One of the most popular card counting methods is “wonging”, named after the pseudonym Stanford Wong, which John Ferguson used when writing his blackjack books. The name “wonging” refers to his technique of watching blackjack tables by counting the deck pretty much as described above, but only entering the game when the number of cards was in the player’s favor. The use of this technology reduces your “operating costs”, ie you only pay when you sit down at a “hot” table. However, this technique is known today and a floor manager will have no problem recognizing such behavior at the tables. In addition, many casinos no longer allow mid-shoe entry in blackjack games.

The obvious advantage of countdown systems such as wonging is that the player doesn’t have to play every hand he counts. This reduces fluctuations in your bankroll and thus increases the player’s edge even more.